Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Homework due for 15/3/2017

For those of you in the first tutorial this morning, I have added the data and modified the Tutorial2 .doc file this afternoon. They work properly now.

Homework for next week:

  1. Please come to class on the 15th with your partner and crop species selected (if not already selected). I will be emailing you your final assignment if you have one now, and if there is a conflict with the species and you must choose another.
  2. Progress through the first 10 pages of the Tutorial 2 document.
  3. The first mini documentary assignment will be due on the 15th by 5PM handed in to me, Luci. The assignment is available on the course NISL site -…/ESS_221/Mini%20Documentary%20Ass…/.
    • The assignment can be typed or hand written - it can be turned in via email to me at or in person. Assignments handed in after 5PM will have a 10% penalty for each day late.
    • The videos are available at their links listed on the course outline. They are also on the lecturer's desktop in BCB 5th Floor lab. If you downloaded the videos from NISL - they require a password; the password is dolphin.

I will be around tomorrow morning and Friday morning to help anyone who needs it. Remember, I am not on campus on Mondays or Tuesdays. I am available by email though at

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